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Enlarging educational horizons


K-12, vocational, and higher-education institutions occupy a unique place in the social matrix.


Nothing that a democratic society achieves—growth, prosperity, justice, beauty, or freedom—can be preserved or improved upon without our educational institutions. All, therefore, must find ways to meet immediate social and economic needs while also developing civic identities and capacities—not just among students, but also among teachers, staff, families, community partners, and all who support, depend upon, and legitimize the educational enterprise.


In today’s highly polarized climate, IPLW works with you to create learning cultures and campus environments that foster civic agency, the capacity for collective and constructive action across differences.

IPLW Education offers:


  • Public Lectures to campus communities introducing the public work paradigm

  • Discussions in different formats (e.g. seminars, workshops, study circles) exploring the concept of the “citizen professional” and its relevance to institutions

  • Public Narrative Building to surface and integrate individual and collective stories of civic purpose and impact in an institution, and harness these for today’s public challenges

  • A Public Work Planning partnership to organize for civic change in institutions

  • Training and Coaching in organizing practices that are proven tools for making civic change.

Read some examples of our team's work in education settings:

My students LOVED your session. We discussed what fuels meaningful, sustainable change: relationship building, finding cracks in what seems like an impenetrable system, and believing change is possible.

C Evans head shot.jpg

Carolyn Evans, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty, Augsburg University

Master of Arts in Leadership

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