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Consulting for

Civic Capacity

When businesses, non-profits, governments, community organizations, and other institutions understand their work in public terms, both their internal cultures and their surrounding communities can be transformed.


Today, both highly credentialed professionals and under-appreciated wage-earners are experiencing a crisis of meaning in their work, impeding their constructive contributions to their enterprise and to society at large.


IPLW works with you to recover and enliven your enterprise ideal, optimizing your practices and impact by deepening your civic mission.


We do not offer turnkey solutions. We work and learn with you to foster new mindsets, identify assets, and develop capacities for joint problem solving in ways that vitalize your internal culture and strengthen the civic fabric we all depend upon to thrive.


IPLW Consulting offers:


  • Common Good Assessments to clarify your civic story, assets, and challenges

  • A Public Work Planning partnership to design and implement functionally and civically productive change processes

  • Executive and all-hands seminars introducing the public work paradigm to circles large or small

  • Tailored efforts, formulated with you rather than for you

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